my reason i study in gunadarma university





Here i would like to tell you about my reason i study in university of gunadarma,  and why i choose the majoring of managemen financial.



First , why i choose study in university of gunadarma because, universitas gunadarma is number 5 the best private  university in Indonesia under : University of Indonesia, Gajah Mada University, Institute Tecnology Bandung. And then profile from the lecturer  university of gunadarma have a good performance in education world.



At the second , why i choose management financial from faculty bussines and enterpreneurship , because iam very interested about economic . actually financial , such as : taxation , budgeting, accounting, insurance, banking and everything about financial.



Therefore management financial have a responsibility to:

  1. communicate information fairly and objectivity about financial statement.
  2. Perform my personal duties in according ith relevant laws regulation and technical standarts


And then with management  financial , i will have the big job opurtinity , when i was graduate , i can job in the bank, firms , taxation consultant, in the govermental and acctually i can to be a succsed enterpreneur.







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