promotion : product inovation “cimol aneka rasa”


   (di cocol uenak ….. ^,^)


Here i would like to promote about Cool and Act,  this is my new product inovation . cool and act  acctually  somethings like “Nachos”  or familiar with “cimol” . why i give my product  name“the COOL and ACT” because i want make a easy name for reminde you , that the product is very unique, if you reading “cool and act” with indonesian language you will get the unique name.. “colenak” its mean “dicocol enak”.

 So i   maked different kind from usually product, i changed  image  cimol from law  to be high quality, proceesed the  pruduct hygine, and then modificated flavour variance from my product  acctually very different from usually product in side way.

You can get a lot of flavour variance  such as    :

Cool and act Flavour variance         :

  1. Original salt and paper
  2. Spicy cheese
  3. Extra spicy barbeque
  4. Sweet grilled corn
  5. Spicy grilled corn
  6. Seaweed
  7. Original cheese
  8. Barbeque
  9. Sweet spicy
  10. SSS Spicy
  11. And many more

You can choose your favorite flavour ….  ^,^

Esspecially from cool and act         :

  • Without “bahan pengawet”
  • Have a lot of flavour variance
  • Procced by Hygine
  • Cheeps
  • interesting packaging

dont be afraid about our taste and  the price , because my product never make you disapointed.. lets come and buy my product



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