convertation english communication II




Condition: Meeting at the cafee, who we have chatting on Yahoo ,messanger before..

Evy     : good morning miss Fikri I’am evy,

Fikri    : hay too.. I’am fine, how about you..

Evy     : sure I’am very good, mm.. How about our conversation for our  bussiness.. ?

Fikri    : of course.. You can make a project with  “bali ratih” to build a cosmetic shop… Here   I will    introducing the manager of “bali ratih”.

Evi      : okey, nevermind… 🙂


Fikri    : she is Miss Sella, miss sela is the manager bali of ratih.. And miss sella she is Miss

evy 😀

Sella    : am’ miss sella, iam Manager On dutty of bali ratih company.

Evy     : yes iam miss evy, I’ would like to make a project with bali Ratih company to build a cosmetic shop in Jakarta.

Sella    : sure , you can trust me for our business.. And everything you needs, I will already to handled.

Fikri    : and Miss  evy.. I hope you can trust us , for this Project …

Evy     : sure.. That’s very good, I trust you.nice for our meeting today.we will have the next meeting to make a next planning. .. And thank you for your coming today.

Sella    : my pleasure miss evy.. And nice to meet you today,(bersalaman)

Evy     : nice to meet you too miss sella, and miss fikri.. (Bersalaman)

Fikri    : yes.. Me too.(Bersalaman


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